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WAD function return values with parentheses prevent evaluation of additional functions

How about a new SETDOS /X option (B?) to turn off doing anything inside double quotes?
Well, no, I think it would be much better if it were a prefix, rather than a SETDOS option. As stefano noted earlier in this thread, using a prefix gives us the opportunity to mix literal and ordinary strings.
Indeed, the very case that I started out with here, I need to mix both: on the one hand, I need to specify filenames containing percent signs and parentheses as parameters on the command line; yet, on the other hand, I do need to render variables within quotes, because my LFN filenames often contain spaces, and therefore in order to run the shortcut command I need to enclose the %1$ designation in quotes, as follows:
shortcut "%1$" "" "" "" "%1$.lnk" 1
Thus, I wouldn't want to turn off double-quoted-string processing altogether; rather, I want to be able to specify that one particular double-quoted-string should be treated as literal.
In this thread, which deals with filenames that contain characters that are unusual but which are nonetheless valid in an NTFS operating system, we discussed some potential options for adding extra prefixes etc., but it didn't go very far.
I'd like to suggest something else: perhaps, just as the escape character (^) is customizable, so too the other special characters within TCC could be customizable too. Specifically, I refer to the parenthesees, brackets, backtik, percent sign, and ampersand (is the pound sign also special in TCC?).
To be sure, this would mean that the BTM files created by people using customized special characters would be incompatible with other TCC instances; however, because there would be a one-to-one correspondence between those characters and the default characters, it would be extremely easy to convert.
I've set up a uservoice request for this - so, if anyone else is interested in this type of feature, please vote for the request, over here:

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