Trouble with @full[] function.

Aug 7, 2009
Using TCC 19.10.54, at command line or in batch file, the @full[] function returns an error ("The parameter is incorrect.") whenever the (properly quoted) filename contains a comma, eg. echo %@full["Filename with, a comma.txt"]. Can anyone confirm?
Jan 19, 2011
Norman, OK
Works correctly in 21.01.63.
[D:\Downloads]echo %@full["Chapter 1. The PowerShell Console - Master-PowerShell - With Dr. Tobias Weltner - – PowerShell Scripts, Tips, Forum
s, and Resources (2015-03-30 12-38-18 PM).htm"]
"D:\Downloads\Chapter 1. The PowerShell Console - Master-PowerShell - With Dr. Tobias Weltner - – PowerShell Scripts, Tips, Forums, and Resources (2015-03-30 12-38-18 PM).htm"
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