pdir function usage

Apr 1, 2013
Trying to understand how to use 'function' as in pdir c:\*.*/s/a: /(zk dd/m/yt fpn a]) /[s50000,]

Works ok, biut I'd like to display the file's attributes w/o the _ characters so want to use replace function to zap the _s i a, so tried @replace[_,,a] in place of the a above, as I _think_ the help says - it gives the example using md5- but no luck.

Also tried %@replace , %%@replace %%a - still no luck. Anyone know the secret?

Or does function only work with filename?

Same problem in 4nt8 and tcc 13 so not a pdir fault as such, hust that help isn't v helpful

TIA John
May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
a is the code to reprot attributes. As described in the HELP the command below will do what you want:

pdir /s/a: /(zk dd/m/yt fpn @strip[_,%%@attrib[*]]) /[s50000] c:\*.*

1/ @STRIP is simpler than @REPLACE
2/ the trailing comma for the size range is unnecessary
3/ all options SHOULD precede the file selection, otherwise the parser usually, but not always can figure out what you want
4/ is the letter t following the file date intentional?
5/ personally I like my listings to look like tables; putting anything after variable width filed destroys vertical alignment, but so does the variable-width attribute field created by @STRIP. You may consider using @REPLACE with a space character to replace the underscore: @replace[_, ,%%@attrib[*]]
HTH, Steve
Apr 1, 2013
Thanks- that's fixed! + see below

btw1, is there a way to get the total size of the files > 50000 by adding a func eg @eval[%siz+%%@filesize[*]] but I can't see how to do this w/o adding up 1st col in file externally

btw2, the help for pdir in my (free!) tcc 13 when I do 'help pdir' is limited to the 1st page ie the rh pane doesn't scroll down & so doesn't have all the stuff in the 4nt 8 version re usage - is this intended?
a is the code to reprot attributes.
Yes - dohhhh- should've thought that is wasn't a variable.

As described in the HELP the command below will do what you want:
Not described v well imo in help - eg no example lots of stuff about function 1 func 2, internal external! An example just like yours would've clarified.

pdir /s/a: /(zk dd/m/yt fpn @strip[_,%%@attrib[*]]) /[s50000] c:\*.*

4/ is the letter t following the file date intentional?
file time

May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
BTW1: use the /M option
BTW2: recently prepared HELP versions have problems scrolling - you may need to use the scroll wheel (if you have one), or even the scroll bar on the far right of the HELP window. My version's CRC32 is 7B32CBDC. If your's is different, you may need to download it again.
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