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Done Reset history search on Esc

I think I asked about this a few years ago ... asking again.

If the last three entries in my history are
echo 1
echo 2
echo 3
and, at an empty command line, I <Up>, <Up> then "echo 2" is on the command line. If I press <Esc> to clear the command line and then press <Up> the command line will show "echo 1".

Is there some value in that behavior? (Seriously, I've never found it useful and often found it annoying.) Can't the starting point of a history search be reset to the end when the command line is cleared?
(1) You're the only one who's expressed a wish for this, and (2) I prefer it the way it is.

I'm definitely not going to change the default behavior. I'll consider adding an .INI option.
Please consider an option. Is the current behavior desirable in any way? I can't think of a way to capitalize on it.

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