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Declined Sending Error Reports

In the help file, there is a section for the third-party VIEW command in regards to Sending Error Reports.

Could TCMD/TCC also provide a means in which to send error reports to JPSoft?

While not documented in the TCMD/TCC Help file, it is my understanding that TCMD/TCC generates a tcmd.exception.log file.

This information should be (at least) included in the help file, so that those who are having problems can be made aware of the tcmd.exception.log file, and be better prepared to assist in diagnosing the problem.

That's actually far less useful these days than in the past, for two reasons:

1) TCMD / TCC have their own exception handling, which catches almost all of the exceptions within TCMD / TCC.
2) So, 99.9% of the exceptions nowadays are coming from third-party dll's or Windows dll's, most of which have implemented their own exception handling which just exits the app. The few that aren't doing that do show up in the TCMD / TCC error log stack, but I rarely can do anything about fixing or working around them.
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