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Done New parameter /WTF - COPY/MOVE - Wait on disk full (rather than halt with error)


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New parameter /WTF - COPY/MOVE - Wait on disk full (rather than halt with error)

When moving/copying files the destination disk typically become full at inconvenient times.

If COPY/MOVE could just pause rather than halt when such a situation occur, then it could be possible to fix it (free some space) before the command continue.

Suggestion: COPY /WTF (Wait if Target Full - or WTF :) - perhaps with an extra option to indicate when the warning should be triggered. (percent or MB/GB etc).

On the continue prompt: Proceed Now or in n seconds....

Stein Oiestad on December 28, 2013 10:39
Can be done with a straight-forward batch file.

When copying/moving many files to multiple media of limited capacity

- build a list of files to be copied
- sort the files in decreasing file-size order
- the largest file should not be bigger than the maximum capacity of the media used

- copy/move the biggest file first
- remove/mark successfully copied files from list
- search down the list for smaller ones that still fit the remaining space
- at bottom of list pause for media change
until all copied/moved

Storing the file-specs with exact file-sizes and keeping a running total of the number of files written will prevent some unnecessary disk-i/o

Regards, DJ
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