User-Defined Font Size for Dialogs

As my eyes grow older, viewing dialogs would be easier if I could select the font size for the dialog.

At present, when I install a new version of TCMD, I have to manually change the font size for the dialogs that I use frequently, for example;




I changed the font from 8 to 16, in the English.dll, Dialog 4205, which makes it easier for me to use the Dialog.

Would it be possible to add a feature in which the user could change the font size for a dialog from TCMD, instead of having to resort to doing this manually for each new install?

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Aug 28, 2008
I'm in the same boat, though I haven't gone that far to fix the problem. I believe the display scaling setting might be helpful for you if you're willing to experiment with it. If you're on Windows 10, for example, you can hit Win + I to bring up the "Settings" dialog, then search for scaling and click "Make text size bigger".


Jul 6, 2008
Joe's suggestion sounds good to me.
My eye's aren't the only things getting older. :-)