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User-Defined Font Size for Dialogs

As my eyes grow older, viewing dialogs would be easier if I could select the font size for the dialog.

At present, when I install a new version of TCMD, I have to manually change the font size for the dialogs that I use frequently, for example;




I changed the font from 8 to 16, in the English.dll, Dialog 4205, which makes it easier for me to use the Dialog.

Would it be possible to add a feature in which the user could change the font size for a dialog from TCMD, instead of having to resort to doing this manually for each new install?

I'm in the same boat, though I haven't gone that far to fix the problem. I believe the display scaling setting might be helpful for you if you're willing to experiment with it. If you're on Windows 10, for example, you can hit Win + I to bring up the "Settings" dialog, then search for scaling and click "Make text size bigger".
Joe's suggestion sounds good to me.
My eye's aren't the only things getting older. :-)