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How to? V17 ..

I've been quite contented since I upgraded to v11 when I got Windows 7 so many years ago.
Figured it may be time to try v17, and will run the trial version for a month to see if I should upgrade
again. (? Will v11 run on Windows 10? or will I need to upgrade to v17?)

Installed fine, EXCEPT .. There's no TCMD.INI in the v17 directory?!?
When I started v17 from the v11 command line, v17 did find my TCALIAS.BTM I have in the root (C:\).
But (thankfully) did not use the v11 TCMD.INI that's in v11's directory.

I can copy that old TCMD.INI over, but with the myriad new cmds in v17, I *should* have a
new TCMD.INI file to start using, no?

From the help file:

Locating the TCMD.INI File
When starting Take Command or a Take Command Console(TCC) shell:
If there is an @d:\path\inifile option on the startup command line, Take Command will use the path and file name specified there.
Otherwise, the default TCMD.INI file name is used, and the search starts in the directory where the Take Command program file is stored. If the .INI file is not found, Take Command will look in the %LOCALAPPDATA% directory.
If no .INI file is found, all options are set to their default values. A new .INI file will be created, using the default location and name, as explained above.
Charles, your answer opened many more questions. Following those instructions:
1 - When I used the Search function in the Help window yesterday, those explanations did not show up. (nor now)
Where did you find them?
2 -a) I did mention that I'm using v11 (which installed the INI file in it's own v11 directory) is @d:\path\inifile new to v17 ?
Where is that?! echo "%@d:\path\inifile" yields Syntax error ""
b) %LOCALAPPDATA%, again, where is that? ("Help %LOCALAPPDATA%" yields "This page can't be displayed"
and echo "%@path[tcmd.ini]" yields an empty reply = ""
c) as my original post describes, TCMD.INI is not in the TCMD17x64 directory that the install put all else.

Finally, on v17, echo "%_ininame", showed me where it was. But this "%_ininame" was new to me.
echo "%_ininame" on v11 shows that I do have a TCMD.INI for my v11, which I've been completely
unaware of! And that explains why my early tweeks to v11 TCMD.INI in the root (a 4DOS location) didn't work.

So, thanks for your answer, but for future reference - don't just snarkily repeat from the massive documentation,
show examples, how you'd have searched for it. New users and sometimes us older users, don't know every unique
TCC variable, nor read and understand all the documentation, and I wasn't familiar with that APPDATA directory
or everything of TCC
Though I admit, those clues which I couldn't and still can't find, did force me to learn more. I doubt a first time
TCC tester would've gotten through this.

TCMD.INI (like TCSTART and TCEXIT) are created by the user. If you do not have a TCMD.INI, and you run TCC's OPTION command (or the Options / Configure menu) then a default
one will be created for you in the default directory (which varies depending on the version of Windows you're using).

LOCALAPPDATA is a Windows environment variable, not a TCC variable or function.
LocalAppData is actually a Windows location, not specific to Take Command. The percent signs are a hint that LOCALAPPDATA is also the name of an environment variable. You can type
in either TCC or CMD.EXE to see its value.

(Fun fact: The Windows-R "Run" dialog also expands environment variables between percent signs. So you can type something like %LOCALAPPDATA% or %TEMP% in the Windows-R dialog, and you'll get an Explorer window for the desired location -- without needing to know (or type) its complete path.)
The later versions of Windows (I think Vista and up?) by default don't allow writing to the Program Files directory structure by users without administrator rights, so placing TCMD.INI there is no longer practical without having to tweak permissions.

I searched for "tcmd.ini location" (no quotes) on the Search tab of the HTML (.chm) version of the help file and the first 2 hits have the answer.
Thanks guys for your clarifications.. Having had no issues for such a long time, making changes show how much I'd forgotten or didn't know! I.E. I don't recall ever running the OPTION command! If I did, it's long forgotten. Ditto LOCALAPPDATA.
& "tcmd.ini location" in the 'help (htm)' search box for v11 & v17 shows help for "NoINIErrors=" ..... ? Still haven't found
that explanation.

I guess I should spend more time 'playing' with my old v11, before buying a newer version. ;-)
& "tcmd.ini location" in the 'help (htm)' search box for v11 & v17 shows help for "NoINIErrors=" ..... ? Still haven't found
that explanation.
That's weird. TCMD.INI is mentionend on the NoINIErrors page, but I'm not seeing it show up in the results of a search for "tcmd.ini location" because the word location isn't on it. Btw, I uncheck "Match similar words" because I don't want it guessing at what it thinks I'm looking for. Heh
I've been quite contented since I upgraded to v11
If you've ever been frustrated by pressing Ctrl-C when you have text selected in the Take Command window only for it not to be Copy to Clipboard, then you are going to LOVE v17 :) I'm sure you'll find lots of other improvements, some subtle some major, but that one was the 'killer feature' in v17 for me.

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