Purpose:Draw a horizontal line on the screen


Format:DRAWHLINE row column len style [BRIght] fg ON [BRIght] bg


rowStarting row
columnStarting column
lenLength of line
styleLine drawing style:
1Single line
2Double line
fgForeground character color
bgBackground character color






DRAWHLINE is useful for creating attractive screen displays in batch files. It detects other lines and boxes on the display, and creates the appropriate connector characters when possible (not all types of lines can be connected with the available characters).


The row and column values are zero-based, so on a 25 line by 80 column display, valid rows are 0 - 24 and valid columns are 0 - 79.

Numeric input may be entered in either decimal format (a sequence of 0-9 digits) or in hexadecimal format ("0x" followed by a sequence of 0-F hex digits).  If either value is out of range, DRAWHLINE displays a "Usage" error message.


The maximum row value is determined by the current height of the TCC window. The maximum column value is determined by the current virtual screen width (see Resizing the Take Command Window for more information).


If row is set to 999, the line will be centered vertically. If column is set to 999, the line will be centered horizontally.


See Colors and Color Names for details about colors.


DRAWHLINE uses the standard line and box drawing characters in a Unicode or U.S. English extended ASCII character set. If  you use an ASCII or raster font which does not include these line drawing characters, the box or lines will not be displayed correctly.




The following command draws a double line along the top row of the display with green characters on a blue background:


drawhline 0 0 80 2 green on blue