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IntelliMouse Support

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The Microsoft IntelliMouse is a mouse with a small wheel between the two mouse buttons. The wheel can be used to scroll windows without having to move the cursor over the scroll bars.


V supports the IntelliMouse as follows:


When viewing a file, scrolling the IntelliMouse wheel will scroll the document three lines at a time.


If the SHIFT key is pressed while scrolling the wheel (or if the wheel itself is pressed), the document will be scrolled a screen at a time.

If the wheel is scrolled while it is pressed and the SHIFT key is also pressed, continuous scrolling will begin. Pressing the wheel will pause/restart the scrolling. Pressing the wheel while the SHIFT key is pressed will stop the scrolling.

If the CONTROL key is pressed as the wheel is scrolled, the Previous/Next document in the File List is displayed.




In order for the operations requiring a wheel press to work correctly, you must "Turn on the wheel button" in the IntelliMouse setup (in the Control Panel) and set the "Button Assignment" to "Default".