The Goto dialog box allows you to specify a location in the file to jump to. The specified location will be displayed at the very top of the File View. You may enter the location either as a Line Number, Column Number, Offset, Page#, Record# or Chunk by selecting the appropriate option.


Note that Page# is only enabled if the file is paginated.



Record Numbers


A record is different from a line in that it is always a fixed length (and it doesn't have to end with a newline character).


If the file being viewed consists of fixed length records, the record length will automatically be placed in the Length field. If the file does not consist of fixed length records, you may specify your own record length (although it probably wouldn't make much sense to do this).


The other options in the Goto dialog box are:



This specifies that the Offset entered is in hex instead of decimal.


From End of File

This indicates that the specified location is to be treated as being from the end of the file. For example, if you enter a Line Number of 100, V will position the view 100 lines from the end of the file.




It is quite valid to goto a file offset while in text mode. In this case V will simply goto the line which corresponds to the offset entered.


On the other hand, it is not possible to goto a particular line number if the file is opened in Hex mode (unless the file has also been opened in Text mode). In this case, the Line Numbers option in the Goto dialog box is disabled.


If the file is being displayed in chunks, the numbers in the Goto dialog box are relative to the start of the file. Click here for further details.