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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28

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The Status Bar

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The status bar of the File View usually consists of 3 panes:


Pane 1 - Current Position


Usually this will contain the current line number. If you press the left mouse button at any position and keep it pressed, the corresponding line number and column will be displayed. If you have enabled "Hex offset in status bar" (in the File Options tab of Preferences), the hex offset of the position will also be displayed.


In Hex mode, the corresponding file offset will be displayed. Also, as a block is being highlighted, the start and end positions of the block are displayed, as well as the number of characters highlighted.


The offsets are displayed in both hex and decimal. For example,

 "Offset: 669h->8e8h (1641d->2280d) Len=640 (280h)"


Note that as long as a block of text remains highlighted, its details will be displayed in this pane - even if the block has been scrolled out of view.


Pane 2 - Position as Percentage


This displays a number between 0 and 100 and represents the current line (ie, the last line in the view) as a percentage of the number of lines in the file.


If the file is paginated, the current page number and the total number of pages will be displayed instead of the percentage.


Pane 3 - File Details


This displays the file size, the number of lines in the file and the date and time the file was last modified.


Unicode and EBCDIC


When V displays Unicode or EBCDIC files, UNI or EBC will be displayed in the status bar. You may click on this area of the status bar to display a menu of available options.




When the file is being displayed as chunks, a fourth status pane appears which displays which chunk is currently being viewed.


Left-clicking on a character while viewing a file displays the hex offset of the character on the status bar (providing the Hex Offset option is enabled in Preferences).