All entries in the Goto dialog are relative to the start of the file, regardless of which chunk is currently being viewed.


For example, if you were viewing the last chunk of a file, going to line 1 will take you to the very first line of the file (not the first line of the chunk).


You can also enter numbers outside the current chunk.


For example, if you were viewing the first chunk (which contained 1000 lines), you could enter line 5000 in the Goto dialog.


In this case, V would load the chunk that contained line 5000.


Note that V may take some time to locate the required position (especially if you are viewing a very large file). If the time taken is more than five seconds, a Cancel button will be displayed which will allow you to stop the goto operation.





This behavior was introduced in Version 7. In prior versions, the line number was restricted to the current chunk.