Purpose:Copy standard output to multiple secondary commands via pipes


Format:PEE [/= /D /F"format" /R /T] "app" ...


appOne or more applications that will receive the standard output.


/A(ppend)/R (STDERR)

/F"..." (format)


See also: Y, piping and redirection.




PEE is similar to TEE, but instead of redirecting STDOUT to multiple files, it redirects it to multiple secondary commands via pipes. You must enclose each command (and any arguments) in double quotes.


If you are typing at the keyboard to produce the input for PEE, you must enter a Ctrl-Z to terminate the input.


If you don't enter any arguments, PEE will display its command dialog.


See Piping for more information on pipes.




/=Display the PEE command dialog to help you set the command line options. The /= option can be anywhere on the line; additional options will set the appropriate fields in the command dialog.


/DPrefix each line with the current date (in yyyy-mm-dd format).


/F"..."The format string. See @DATEFMT for details on format arguments.


/RRedirect to STDERR instead of STDOUT.


/TPrefix each line with the current time (in hh:mm:ss.ms format).