The font that V will use for printing will be displayed in a button just above the "Options" group in the dialog box. You may change the font by clicking on the button and selecting a previously used font from the list displayed. You may add a font to the list by selecting Add Font.


Select Organize Fonts if you want to modify the font list.


When you change printing modes (Hex/Text and 2Up/Normal) V will automatically select the font last used in that mode.


Proportional fonts

Proportional fonts may not be selected for displaying files but they may be selected for printing. Proportional fonts will not work well for program listings and hex dumps since the spacing between characters is not fixed (it is proportional). However, proportional fonts may be preferable for printing text files.


Line Wrapping

Line wrapping will not work correctly if a non-proportional printer font is selected. In particular, the lines will usually wrap well before the end of the page.


If proportional fonts are used, it is suggested that the Wrap Long Lines option not be set.



Selecting Fonts from the menu on the More button allows the user to select a new printer font. This is equivalent to selecting fonts from the Preferences dialog box. However, the font selected will not be added to the font list which is displayed when clicking on the button displaying the current print font.