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Take Command / TCC Help v. 29


2UP printing would probably have to be one of the most useful (and most used)  features of V. At least it is for me!


2UP printing not only saves paper, but I find the listings actually look better and are easier to read, since you have more information on the one page.


When files are printed in 2UP mode (also known as book mode), the file is printed in Landscape mode with two pages being printed (side by side) on each sheet of paper.


2UP printing is ideal for program listings, hex dumps and README files.




When printing in 2UP mode, you should use a smaller font than you would use for normal printing. On a HP LaserJet, the built-in LinePrinter font is ideal.

See the Fonts section of the Preferences Dialog box for further information on selecting Printer fonts.

The Orientation option (Portrait/Landscape) is ignored when 2UP printing is selected - the printer is always placed in Landscape mode.