Plugins - TCC, TCC-RT, and TCC/LE

Plugins are user-written DLL's that allow developers to create new (or replacement):

  • Internal commands
  • Internal variables
  • Variable functions
  • Keystroke monitors

Plugins will override existing internal names, so you can extend and/or replace commands and variables.

TCC Plugin SDK

The Plugin SDK (updated for version 28) includes all the files you need to develop plugins in C / C++ or Delphi. Documentation is in the ZIP file.

Third-Party Plugins

The following command prompt plugins are not written or supported by JP Software; please contact the developers directly if you have any questions. They are provided by JP Software strictly on an as-is basis, without warranty of any kind. The plugin authors can be reached on the Plugins forum. (Please contact us if you have created a plugin and want to list it on this page.)

  • 4AUTOTRAY: Minimizes TCC automatically to the taskbar's notification area; does not work with TCMD. (Also provides the AUTOTRAY command).
  • 4CONSOLE: Console utilities for TCC.
  • 4CONSOLE64: x64 version of 4CONSOLE.
  • 4UTILS: Command processor/batch related utilities, including regular expression search/replace.
  • 4UTILS64: x64 version of 4UTILS.
  • CHILL: This plugin provides a quick and intuitive interface to the Windows Task Scheduler service, much simpler (though far less powerful) than the SCHTASKS utility. The plugin adds a single command CHILL, which schedules a command to be run after a specified delay or at a certain time.
  • ConSearch - adds a new, modeless popup dialog to search for text in the console's scrollback buffer. Options for case-insensitive, case-sensitive, and regexp searches.
  • EVENTUTILS: Internal commands and variable functions to create, wait for or signal a Windows event.
  • EVERYTHING: Locate files and folders instantly using the Everything search engine.
  • FEDUTILS: A collection of calendar, conversion, encryption, system, and string functions.
  • HISTWORD:: Insert words or lines from the history list into the current command line.
  • HTAGS: Functions to create HTML tags and entities.
  • HTMLDUMP: Dumps the console buffer to an HTML file.
  • ISO8601: Extends Take Command's date-handling functions with new date formats; a larger date range, and more validity checking of input dates. Re-implements most date-related variable functions and adds several new ones, plus a few internal variables and commands.
  • POPINFO: This plugin provides a quick way to check a file’s properties while composing a command line. When you press a hotkey, a popup message box will display the file’s size, attributes, date and time stamps, and a few other bits of information.
  • PopupFix - makes TCC play nicely with Console2. If you're using Console2, this plugin should solve several issues. If you're not using Console2, it's probably useless to you.
  • QCAL: A stripped-down version of the ISO8601 plugin, containing only the QCAL command and a (very) few functions. QCAL displays a quick-and-dirty calendar to the console or to standard output.
  • SAFECHARS: Functions for reading and writing text which may contain characters having special meaning to TCC.
  • SAY:This plugin provides a quick and intuitive interface to the Windows text-to-speech feature. The plugin adds a single command SAY, which speaks the text on the command line, a text file, or pipe.
  • SYSUTILS: System related utilities, including registry, process, and window functions.
  • SYSUTILS64: x64 version of SYSUTILS.

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