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Take Command Reviews

I want to write my experience with Take Command from the viewpoint of a Unix/Linux user who uses Unix systems for nearly 20 years and runs linux command line applications for Windows like Babun.. Babun gives me all powerful tools Windows is missing, like grep, python 3 and perl. But there are a few Windows specific tasks which Babun cannot perform because it lacks necessary command line utilities ...


Ditch cmd.exe. It’s ugly, limited, has hardly been updated in 20 yrs, and is just a pain. If you ever use the command prompt, you owe it to yourself to get a much better shell. Take Command is awesome powerful. Far beyond other cmd.exe replacements. I’ve used it practically daily for 15+ yrs and love it ...

Noah Coad's Blog

We all know that the only officially-sanctioned way to interact with modern computers is by pointing and clicking on hieroglyphic icons. But many tasks are more easily done with an “old fashioned” command line. JP Software’s Take Command for Windows ($80 for new users, $40 for upgrades) is a powerful replacement for Microsoft’s Command Prompt (CMD.EXE). If you’re a software developer, system administrator, or a “power user” who spends any significant time using the Command Prompt, you’ll surely find Take Command a tremendous improvement. It adds hundreds of powerful commands and enhancements, and incorporates a number of commonly used console-mode utilities.

I remember when I was a kid, waking up every Saturday morning excited to see the new cartoons that had just come out for the new season. AND That is exactly how I feel about JP Software and their “Take Command” product line. Every year I ask myself “How can they possibly take a totally perfect product and make it an even better product.” But yet, every single year JP Software delivers and brings back that same warm fuzzy feeling of watching a brand new Saturday matinee I had as a child ...

Take Command takes a powerful yet simple command processor and marries it with a beautifully modern interface, for a result that leaves the default Windows interface years behind. The command processor, TCC, is a superset of the one built into Windows. So, dir is still dir, and del is still del, and everything you already know about working in the command line is still valid. But there are lots of extra commands, and even the existing commands get switches in TCC their cmd.exe counterparts can only dream of. This means that, like VBScript and AutoHotkey, TCC is a language you can gradually grow into; you can start with simple things, and you probably already know some of it...

PC World

Is Take Command worth its $99.95 price? If you need to do complex Windows scripting in a familiar language, it is probably worth every penny. Take Command adds hundreds of features to the Windows command line -- including many that I haven't covered in this review (e.g. scripting with REXX, perl, python, etc. and user-written plugins with additional features). Combine these additions with Take Command's super fast command window, IDE and batch file debugger and you have a tool that should be on every system administrator or power user's desktop. If you've used the free Take Command Console LE, you are familiar with many of the extra commands Take Command offers, but you have no idea how much easier it is to write batch files with the IDE and batch file debugger included with the full version of Take Command ...

Software Gadgets Blog

Take Command launches a nicely designed interface similar to the typical e-mail client. The similarity will relieve some of the intimidation many users will experience by seeing such a packed window: four panes with unfamiliar titles like "Command Input" and "TCC Prompt," and a command-line interface within the last-named pane. The Help feature, however, is adequate for dispelling such concerns and providing info for mastering this app. Take Command performed well in our tests. It responded quickly to our input, and we liked the flexibility of its interface--floating or docking its panes as separate consoles. The Folders pane and List View pane offered an Explorer-like directory-tree listing of apps and commands that made powering around our system and transitioning to Take Command's worldview relatively easy. We liked the library of commands provided in the Help system for those unfamiliar with command-line work, and that they were organized both by name and category, making the library easy to employ for any level of user. Using the commands was a snap, although many users may have a steep learning curve to follow to get accustomed to using a command line ...


There are few programs that I don’t go without but one of them is jpsoftware’s Take Command. It corrects just about every complaint I have with the built in CMD program in Windows. The most useful feature is that it allows me to have multiple “command prompt type” tabs… one with their own Take Command Console (TCC); another with the standard CMD (Although enhanced with the goodness that is Take Command), PowerShell, Cygwin, bash and loads more. Take Command easily saves me an hour or more per day. The ability to create my own scripts, and buttons for my common commands is the biggest timesaver.

joltcoder MSDN Blogs

Take Command is an excellent tool for anyone who regularly has to interact with the Windows command line (You know, that little window with the "C:\" prompt).

For our purposes, being able to open up multiple command shells in a tabbed window, flip between them, and easily edit commands to be sent to said windows was more than enough, but the real heart of Take Command lies in its enhancements to the weak Windows batch scripting language ...

PC Advisor

If you're a really advanced user that requires a powerful terminal every day, you might want to try out Take Command. It's very expensive ($99), but also insanely powerful, adding more than 140 new commands and 460 internal functions and variables to the standard Windows command prompt (not to mention a built-in file manager and debugger). It's definitely geared more toward developers than end users, but it's worth a mention for its sheer power alone.


Take Command’s interface adopts a professional appearance, with all the functions encased inside menus that are easy to explore. Most of the GUI is reserved for the console itself, where operations that are impossible to do in CMD, such as copy, delete move are made available.

The list of its most important highlights includes the possibility to edit command scripts within a dedicated editor that supports syntax highlighting, a debugging engine with conditional break points, a test and binary file viewer, a scrollback buffer through which you can review the output that resulted from past commands, as well as features oriented towards programming such as support for SWITCH statements and DO loops.

In the end, Take Command is just a better way of working with command line applications and scripts. The explorer like environment, together with the vast set of supported commands are must-try benefits, especially for developers.

TCC/LE is free and powerful software designed to completely replace the traditional Command Prompt Utility in Windows. TCC/LE is basically a command prompt only – but it comes along with many other different utilities and features that one would want in the traditional Command Prompt.

Is it tool only for geeky command prompt users? No, this utility can be used by anyone because it is very easy to use. What you need to do is simply type in your command and hit Enter. It supports most of the CMD commands and some external commands too. You can learn all the commands from the documentation provided with this free utility ...

The Windows Club

Take Command Reviews What Our Users Say

"The amazing support for TCC/TCMD is only surpassed by the reliability and amazing feature set. As a senior developer, I use the command line all day long, and always feel crippled when I find myself at a machine that requires me to use CMD. The power of TCMD increases my productivity and ability to automate complicated processes." Jim Cook, Strobe Data Inc.

"I've used JP Software products to improve my productivity for nearly the past two decades, and I highly recommend Take Command to every system administrator, programmer, or anyone else that wants to "Take Command" of their PC! Working for one of the largest companies in the world, I could buy literally any software on the market. But there is nothing out there that compares to Take Command." Gerald W. Gaston

"I believe Take Command is that rare product that exposes powerful capabilities in an easy to use way. I can get more done, more quickly, with less issues. JPSoft has extremely strong customer focus. Support is easily obtained from both the company and the very active community. I couldn't imagine using my computer without it. It's faster, more comprehensive, and easier to use than the native Windows tools." Michael Fross

"I've used the JP Software command processor since the beginning. I'd be lost without its scripting, aliasing, and capability for customization. I count on a new version, packed with new features, every 12-15 months. In between, the support is phenomenal. Those who visit the forums are in constant contact with the author. When maintenance releases are necessary they come very quickly." Vincent Fatica

"I’ve been using Take Command since before it was called Take Command, going back to when it was called 4DOS and 4NT and even before there was a 4OS2. I could not manage without it. It streamlines development, minimizes process errors, and has provided consistent results throughout its evolution. Thank You JPSoft and Rex Conn." Derick Moore, Senior Staff Programmer, RIM Electronics

"I've used JP Software software since 4DOS 3.03 was the then-current release. Being a heavy user of command lines, working with 4DOS/4NT/TCC over the years has been a delight in itself and in comparison to other command line programs (specially COMMAND.COM/CMD.EXE). I've saved countless hours of tedious work thanks to the advanced interface and functionality JP Soft has provided me." Miguel Farah

"I have been using JPSoft products since the early days of 4DOS, through 4NT, and into TCMD. These tools are invaluable to those needing to produce complex and powerful scripts for both personal and business-related systems management. I could not have been successful at my job without JPSoft's toolset." Bobby Wilkins, IT Architect

"The first program I install after installing Windows." Dmitry Andric

"I have been using a JP Software command prompt for more than twenty years of software development. Across many employers and many client projects, it has been in use on almost every project I have worked on. For Windows software development, though my editors, compilers, and interpreters may vary, my JP Software command prompt is a constant. I cannot imagine starting a Windows project without it. It is essential software." Tim Butterfield, Sr. Software Developer

"I have been using JP Software's command processors 4DOS, 4NT, TCMD, TC32, and TCC for over 18 years. Not only is the software well designed, full of features, and extremely useful, even as a replacement for high level programming languages, but I have never dealt with any other company that is more responsive to users. Most of my suggestions have been incorporated into the product over the years. When a user reports a problem with a current version, corrections are sometimes available within hours - unless the issue is a limitation of the operating platform, and even then, the company nearly always finds a way to avoid the problem. I just wish all software vendors were this conscientious and responsive - and as competent!" Steve Fabian