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Take Command / TCC v24 Command Dialogs

Take Command doesn’t have enough commands, and is too easy to learn“.  Said nobody, ever.

TCC has 246 internal commands, with thousands of options. As new features are added for our power users, new and occasional users can struggle to become comfortable with the TCC feature set.  For this reason, we added command dialogs for a limited number of internal TCC commands back in version 13, and we have made minor additions and improvements in every version since.

Command dialogs will display a popup dialog with the options for a specific command. Select the files and/or options you want, and the dialog will build the command line for TCC to execute.

The problem was that only about 20% of the TCC commands had command dialogs, and there were a number of lesser-used options that were missing in the dialogs. For version 24, we have expanded command dialog support to almost all TCC commands. (At least those that take more than one or two arguments.) And all of the existing dialogs have new options to make them both more powerful and easier to use.

The TCC monitoring commands are a good example of commands that could be a struggle to learn (or remember) the correct syntax. All of the monitoring commands now have dialogs — for example, FOLDERMONITOR:

The addition of 80+ new command dialogs in v24 and the inclusion of almost all available command options makes the full power of TCC readily available to all users, from beginners to experts. We use command dialogs every day at JP Software when entering some of the more complex TCC commands!