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Multilingual Support in Take Command / TCC and

We have been making a number of changes in the JP Software website, the Support Forums, and in the Take Command / TCC / CMDebug help to provide better non-English translations.

The website has three new subdomains that are using neural translations:




We also have a dropdown box in the upper right corner of the website and the Support Forums that allows you to select non-English translations (using Google Translate for statistical machine translation) for several dozen other languages. If there is sufficient interest in a particular language, we will add another subdomain for it.

We also have test versions of the Take Command, TCC, and CMDebug online help translated to French, German, and Spanish using DeepL) available for download at:

When you have downloaded the desired language file, you will need to copy it to the Take Command / TCC / CMDebug installation directory in place of the existing English help file.  For example, if you download the German help, do this from the command prompt in the installation directory:

    copy TakeCommand_de.ewriter TakeCommand.ewriter

(Note that depending on where you installed Take Command / TCC / CMDebug, you may need to do this in an elevated session so you can overwrite the existing help file.)