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Take Command / TCC / CMDebug / TCC-RT Version 31

We have released Take Command, TCC, CMDebug, and TCC-RT Version 31.0, and you can download fully functional evaluation versions from our web site.

Version 31 is primarily a UI update, with many improvements in the command dialogs. There are eight new command dialogs, and 34 command dialogs have been enhanced with additional options. There are also a host of minor UI tweaks throughout Take Command, the batch debugger, and TCEdit.

V31 includes updates to the GUI framework library, Everything Search, and Scintilla 5.3.7. We have also enhanced the GoTo, Find, and Replace dialogs in the batch debugger and TCEdit, and made significant improvements to the help.

V31 also features 10 updated internal commands, 5 new or updated variable functions and internal variables, and many security, performance, and size improvements. See What’s New in Version 31 in the help for details on the changes and new features.