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Updated JP Software Website

I have updated with a new version of the JP Software website. The old one was getting a bit aged and wasn't working well with the update to Joomla 4.

A few thoughts on the update process:

  • Things went fairly smoothly with the transfer from my local system to a test subdomain on the server and then to the main domain. Highly recommend Akeeba Backup for this process.
  • Since the JP Software website is under fairly constant low-level attack (averaging 2K - 3K intrusion attempts daily) setting up the security protections on the new site were a race with the hackers who were trying to destroy or penetrate it. Also highly recommend Akeeba Admin Tools for configuring the .htaccess and WAF.
  • I moved some directories around on the new site, so I had to do some redirections of the old links. First time in a while that I've looked at the redirection history - wow, there's a lot of really, really old links that somebody / something is trying to access. And though is not written in WordPress, I've seen a thousand daily attempts to access as a Wordpress site. Presumably hacking bots?
  • In two days since the site went live I have 791 attempts to download  Which doesn't exist. Guess there's some users who are really anxious to try out Take Command version 31. And probably in 7-8 more months they'll get lucky!
  • The blog has been moved to a different layout inside Joomla (previously it was non-Joomla). One by-product of this is losing the ability to comment on the blog posts, but 99.99% of the comments I was getting were spam anyway, so no big loss.
  • Your browser may be caching the old site - force a cache flush in the browser (ctrl-reload) if you're seeing old content. (If your ISP is caching the content, you may be stuck for a few days before you get the updated site.)
  • I was trying to simplify the site at the same time I was trying to add some pizazz. Not sure I succeeded at both, but at least it's new and different.
  • If you're having issues with links or 404's, please post a message on the Support Forum or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..