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Backspace via ssh not working


I have a problem using TCC as a shell for Bitvise' WinSSHD. All the keys work fine (Escape, Tab, Del) - except the backspace key which does a "DelWordRight" (instead of delete character to the left of the cursor).

- backspace DOES NOT work when I use OpenSSH client - regardless whether the terminal is Konsole (Linux) or Take Command (Windows).

- backspace DOES work when I use cmd.exe as shell (even with OpenSSH)

- backspace DOES work when I use PuTTY or Bitvise own client Tunnelier (even with TCC).

- Ctrl+H does work for TCC

How can I start analyzing and solving this issue?!

I'm using the latest Take Command/TCC (13.01.32) on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit.
Your post is a bit confusing -- are you running WinSSHD in a TCC window or a Take Command window?

If it's in a stand-alone TCC window, then TCC cannot have any effect on the keyboard input. If it's in a Take Command tab window, then Take Command will process the keys before passing them on to the console app in that tab window.

What language are you using for your keyboard?
WinSSHD is a service (also called daemon in Unix speak). That means, WinSSHD is neither running in a TCC nor in Take Command window; WinSSHD is starting TCC as the login shell for the user who logs on remotely via SSH.

I'm using a German keyboard and this is defined in the Windows 7 environment.
I - kind of - figured it out. The backspace key not doing backspace is actually a common problem with Linux shells and terminals (see http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Keyboard-and-Console-HOWTO-5.html). Normally you figure out which key code the shell sees and assign this to your desired "widget".

In this particular case I already figured out that the backspace key was in fact doing DelWordRight. The manual says that DelWordRight is normallly assigned to Ctrl-R and Ctrl-Bksp. So it was straightforward to assume that TCC was seeing either the Ctrl-R or Ctr-Bksp key(code) - for whatever reason. And in fact, "option //Backspace = Ctrl-Bksp" made the Backspace key work via ssh. Halleluja!

(it also explains why cmd.exe worked out of the box: Backspace and Ctrl-Backspace do the same in cmd.exe (that is: delete character to the left)

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