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Declined Brief syntax for %@variable functions on TCMD status bar

I just discovered two very clever things today:
- TCMD does tab-completion on variable functions and internal variables ànd
- When you enter an internal command, it gives you a brief syntax of the status bar.

Made me smile. Very clever and intuitive (once you know..) And in a non-obtrusive way.

So the suggestion is to do the same (status bar description) for variable functions and internal variables.
At least in case of tab completion, but maybe every time a %@function or %_variable comes along on the command-line.

Internal variables: (very) short description
Variable functions: just something like: %@LINE[number,filename] (or was it %@LINE[filename, number]...Maybe not the best example, but you get the point).

If it's already built-in (still a lot to discover), please let me know how to access it!
That would be very cool. But after thinking seriously about what it would entail, I can see why Rex is in no hurry to implement it:

(1) All the quick-help text for commands is stored in the .DLL. Adding similar text for variables and functions would make it that much larger;

(2) It all must be translated into, what, five different languages for each new version; and

(3) To make it work properly, you'd have to have a mini-parser for the command line, to be called for almost every keystroke! Maybe not so nice, for users with slow systems.
Just my thoughts. It's Rex's thoughts that count here. If he casually proves me wrong, it won't be the first time!
On second thought (I recovered my thinking-mode ;-), this is not a very obscure suggestion and chances are that it been considered before, while developing the command syntax version of this feature.
The simple fact that this suggestion isn't implemented yet, will probably mean that your thoughts are indeed correct.

But you are absolutely right: it's not ours to decide ...

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