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New 4UTILS, _ENVCOUNT fixed, some encryption

I uploaded new 4UTILS plugins to ftp://lucky.syr.edu.

I fixed a bug in _ENVCOUNT.

There's also ENCRYPT and @DECRYPT, fairly robust but may need some tweaking (and/or bug-fixing).

v:\> help encrypt
ENCRYPT name[64] string[128] | /D(elete) name | /C(lear) | /L(ist)
"quote" args with spaces/special characters

v:\> help @decrypt
ENCRYPT encrypts the string using a keyed (username=key) substitution cipher and stores the result in "HKCU\Software\JP Software\Crypto" as REG_BINARY data associated with the user-named value.

@DECRYPT returns the decrypted string.

For example,

v:\> @encrypt topsecret Aaq19xB7

v:\> echo %@decrypt[topsecret]
Rex, the "@" in the example above keeps the command, with it's visible password, out of the history. I could also do that with the HistoryExclude environment variable. But in either case, the command winds up in the history log. I looked at my history log, which goes back years, and found a quite a few passwords in it. That doesn't particularly bother me (though I did remove them) but it might bother some. Is it possible that one of the history exclusion methods could be made to **not** enter the command in the log? I'm not sure if others would like that.

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