DEL /Q not fixed

Not reproducible here.
Do you have a file with that name. Get one with "ECHO foo > %@CHAR[960]".

Charles Dye reproduced it right away and commented:

You get that odd prompt anytime you specify a filename consisting entirely of characters >= 256
I checked a little and that comment seems to be true.
/Q doesn't seem to have anything to do with it; you get the same prompt without it. DEL is acting as if /P had been specified, though it wasn't.
Quite right!

v:\> dir /k /m [EMAIL]%@char[/EMAIL][960]
 3/19/2012  23:06               5  π
v:\> del [EMAIL]%@char[/EMAIL][960]
V:\π : Are you sure (Y/N)? N
     0 files deleted