SDK request

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Would you please put these in TakeCmd.h?

typedef struct {
   int   nKey;               // key entered
   int   nHomeRow;           // start row
   int   nHomeColumn;       // start column
   int   nRow;               // current row in window
   int   nColumn;           // current column in window
   LPTSTR   pszLine;       // command line
   LPTSTR   pszCurrent;       // pointer to position in line
   int   fRedraw;           // if != 0, redraw the line

typedef struct {
   WCHAR   *pszDll;               // name of the DLL
   WCHAR    *pszAuthor;           // author's name
   WCHAR   *pszEmail;           // author's email
   WCHAR   *pszWWW;               // author's web page
   WCHAR   *pszDescription;       // (brief) description of plugin
   WCHAR   *pszFunctions;       // command, _variable, @function
   int    nMajor;               // plugin's major version #
   int    nMinor;               // plugin's minor version #
   int    nBuild;               // plugin's build #
   HMODULE hModule;               // module handle
   WCHAR *pszModule;

int WINAPI TCError(int nErrorCode, LPCTSTR pszArg);

And adding "const" to the declaration of TccKeyWords[] seems to stop errors like this:
resize.obj : error LNK2005: "char * TccKeyWords" (?TccKeyWords@@3PADA) already defined in 4utils.obj
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