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News Take Command, TCC, CMDebug, and TCC-RT 25.0 Released

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We released Take Command, TCC, TCC-RT, and CMDebug 25.0 today, and you can download a fully functional evaluation version from our web site at:


We have already sent v25 keys to everyone with an Extended Support agreement, or who ordered v25 within the past 90 days.

Take Command 25.0 - What's New?
  • Take Command uses substantially less CPU when you have multiple tabs and you are not using tab groups or splitter windows.
  • The Take Command display output speed has been increased slightly (again!).
  • The communication between Take Command and TCC is much faster & uses less CPU time (in both Take Command and TCC).
  • Various display fixes, including frame shadow clipping, overlapping and scaling fixed in multi-monitor and multi-DPI environments; Office 2013/2016 and Visual Studio 2015 theme inconsistencies fixed; and DPI support has been improved for Edit, Checkbox, and Combobox controls.
  • The batch debugger / IDE has been extensively updated with many new features and improved performance.
  • The batch debugger now supports single-stepping into command groups and FOR loops.
  • The batch debugger "Modified" tab has a new column "Previous" that shows the previous value of the variable that was just changed.
  • The batch debugger and TCEdit support ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-8 w/BOM, and UTF-16 files, and various line endings (CR, LF, CR+LF).
  • When debugging, the current line to be executed will be centered on the screen.
  • TCC has been extensively rewritten to support multithreading (almost) everywhere. For example, a plugin can run other internal commands, aliases, and batch files without conflicting with the main thread.
  • Added a workaround for a Windows 10 bug to allow using selection keystrokes (i.e., Shift-Left, etc.) without enabling Legacy Console.
  • The history and directory history popup windows now support multiple selection (with the shift or ctrl keys + left mouse), and they have a popup context menu (right mouse button) to Copy, Copy+Append, Cut, or Delete. You can also select multiple entries and execute them by pressing Enter.
  • You can now define TCC's redirected output and pipes (on a per-command basis) as ANSI, UTF-8, or UTF-16.
  • DIR, PDIR, and SELECT have many new directory colorization options, including all types of ranges and file subsystem types.
  • Plugins can now run any command (alias, internal command, batch file, etc.) without conflicting with the main TCC processing thread.
  • The regular expression analyzer has a "cheat sheet" of regular expression syntax and common expressions.
  • VIEW has been updated with per-monitor DPI support and several new features.
  • Added dozens of new features & options to existing commands.
  • Added a "Quake Console" hide / unhide for Take Command and TCC.
  • You can unregister any system, provided you have the original activation key and the name of the computer to unregister.
  • You can generate a manual key (one that doesn't require internet activation) on any system.
  • You can retrieve your license information from the registration server (including the names of all registered systems).
And much more - see What's New in Version 25 in the help for details.
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