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News Take Command / TCC / CMDebug / TCC-RT v25 Public Beta Build 8 Uploaded

Is v25 using the new ConPTY mechanism in Windows 10 for the TCMD/TCC communication? I sort of got that impression from this change:

"The communication between Take Command and TCC is much faster & uses less CPU time. "
Thanks, good to know you keep an eye on it.

I would like full support for the new Windows 10 ANSI features in TCMD at some point and for that I assume ConPTY is the only way forward.

(I tested the preview of the Windows Terminal myself and it was also much slower -- about 10 times -- than a raw console and TCMD. Possibly because my graphics card is quite old and so forces use of software rendering in Direct2D.)
Offtopic, but I have a HD4350 from 2009. Just a guess that it was the reason for the mediocre performance, might just as well be the un-optimized preview code.
I thought you got ANSI "for free" with ConPTY without having to rely on console specific APIs? The Windows Terminal seems to have full ANSI support in its tabs at least.

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