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News Take Command / TCC / CMDebug / TCC-RT 26.01.40 uploaded

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I have uploaded build 40 to the web site.

26.01.40 Lua 5.4 update
26.01.40 Scintilla 4.3.3 update
26.01.40 Help file updates
26.01.40 TCC - fixed some minor memory leaks
26.01.40 TCC - fixed problem when running OPTION inside SETLOCAL when using global aliases
26.01.40 TEE - fixed a problem when using UnicodeOutput=Yes
26.01.40 TEE - Fixed an STL bug that was inserting a null character at the end of a line

26.01.39 IDE / BDEBUGGER - fixed a problem with the highlighted line shifting with line continuations in ALIAS /R

26.01.38 DIR - doesn't print junction name if /B
26.01.38 Help file updates

26.0.37 COLOR - fixed a Windows bug with /F shrinking the window size 1 line

26.0.36 TCMD - fix for formatting issue with some DBCS double-wide characters
26.0.36 FOR - added support for nested parentheses within FOR /F set
26.0.36 Performance improvements and security fixes
26.0.36 LUA - updated to latest 5.4 version
26.0.36 Help file updates

26.01.35 TCC - added more autodetection of UTF8 pipe input
26.01.33 EVERYTHING - improved speed and reduced memory usage of the TCC / Everything Search integration
26.01.33 TPIPE - updated TextPipeEngine64.dll to version 11.6

26.01.33 Help file updates

26.0.32 Help file updates

26.0.31 TCMD - experimental fix for Windows 10 bug when closing TCMD with a help window open
26.0.29 TCC - fixed a problem when deleting multple entries in popup windows

26.0.28 TCC - fixed a problem when deleting entries from popup windows
26.0.28 INKEY - fixed a problem with ^C
26.0.28 IDE - fixed some string problems in the German resource dll

26.0.26 TCC - fixed a problem with reading & executing compressed files (BATCOMP)
26.0.26 TCMD / TCC / CMDebug - fixed a problem when requesting a manual key
26.0.26 CDD - fixed a problem with /T and the CD_Enter alias
26.0.26 Help file updates

26.0.25 Help file updates
26.0.25 Fixed a problem recognizing Windows Server 2019
26.0.25 ASSOCIATE - fixed a problem with embedding /P or /V in the executable command arguments
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