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News Take Command / TCC / CMDebug / TCC-RT 24.01.41 Uploaded

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I've uploaded version 24.01 build 41 to the web site.

24.01.41 Take Command - display output is faster and uses less CPU
24.01.41 TCC - Added support for Python 3.7.2
24.01.41 CMDebug - improved editor performance
24.01.41 TCEdit - improved editor performance
24.01.41 Help file updates
24.01.41 Everything - updated to
24.01.41 Updated Onigmo regular expression library
24.01.41 Updated Scintilla (scilexer.dll) editor
24.01.41 TCMD - fixed a sporadic Windows API bug when restarting as elevated

24.0.36 Fix for German & Spanish RTL issue with debugger

24.0.35 TEE - removed debug popups from build 34

24.0.34 xxxMonitor - fixed a problem with the command dialog when specifying /C ("FOREVER" not being removed)
24.0.34 Help file updates

24.0.33 Help file updates
24.0.33 FTYPE - added checkfor overly long or invalid data in registry entry
24.0.32 Fix for CMD bug when creating batch file associations

24.0.31 Fix for installer not always copying Italian language dll's

24.0.30 Installer fix for file associations in (deprecated) x86
24.0.30 Added localization support for Italian

24.0.29 EVERYTHING - updated to

24.0.28 - Fix for build 27 problem with some keystrokes in popup windows

24.0.27 - Fix for RTL resource leak
24.0.27 - Help file updates

24.0.26 - Fix for RTL bug with non-English language dll's
24.0.26 - Help file updates

24.0.25 - Fix for problem with IDE.EXE in TCC standalone version
24.0.25 - Fix for problem starting CHARMAP.EXE on slow systems
Not open for further replies.

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