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News Take Command / TCC / CMDebug / TCC-RT 25.0.25 Uploaded

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I've uploaded v25 build 25 to the web site.

25.0.25 Help file updates
25.0.25 Take Command - fixed a problem when displaying double-wide Unicode characters in non-Far East codepages
25.0.25 Fixed some formatting issues in the German language dialogs
25.0.25 IDE - fixed a problem with the the edit context menu not supporting all of the menu entries
25.0.25 TCEDIT - fixed a problem with the edit context menu nott supporting all of the menu entries
25.0.25 FFIND and LIST - fixed a problem when searching (> 8Mb) piped input when the previous match wasn't within the current 8Mb buffer window
25.0.25 REGDIR - added support for ^C / ^Break interrupting the output
25.0.25 @SMWRITE - fixed a bug where the handle wasn't always initialized
25.0.25 @EVAL - added a workaround for a Windows issue when using @EVAL in TCEXIT during a WM_QUERYENDSESSION (i.e., clicking on the X icon)

25.0.24 IDE - fixed a problem with not restoring the Command Expansion window state
25.0.24 @VERSION - fixed a problem with prefixed version numbering
25.0.24 Help file updates

25.0.23 Added "/..." option for startup debug messages

25.0.22 @EXECSTR - fixed a problem with mistakenly closing pipe handles

25.0.21 TCC - fixed a sporadic Ipworks bug when downloading large SFTP files
25.0.21 TCC - fixed a IPworks bug with identifying SFTP directories vs. files
25.0.21 TIMER - fixed an output formatting bug
25.0.21 @TIMER - fixed an x86 bug
25.0.21 @EXECSTR - fixed a bug w/@EXECSTR turning off echo
25.0.21 TAIL (and HEAD) - fixed a display bug when the line length was equal to the column width

25.0.20 TCC - fixed a problem inheriting batch variables in child pipe processes

25.0.18 IDE / TCEdit - the File / Close and Close All options now prompt to save modified files before closing the tab
25.0.18 Help file updates
25.0.18 IDE - the "Run to Cursor" option was missing from some of the language DLL's
25.0.18 IDE - disabled docking & floating of the "Command Expansion" window (pending a fix in the GUI framework)

25.0.17 TCMD - now allows (but not recommended!) overriding menu accelerator keys with Alt-alpha shortcut keys
25.0.17 TCC - added support for FTP / HTTP URLs in directory aliases
25.0.17 LIBRARY - changed default tab completion to "[/r] * [1] libraries [2*] *"
25.0.17 UNLIBRARY - changed default tab completion to "[/r] * [1*] libraries"
25.0.17 Help file updates
25.0.17 TCMD - fixed an RTL bug when deleting the last toolbar tab
25.0.17 TCMD - fixed a bug when using the mouse to change the current cursor location
25.0.17 TCC - fixed an RTL display problem with displaying timer results when using a decimal character other than '.'

25.0.16 TCC - fixed a problem when pressing Escape when in a popup window (command history / tab completion etc.)

25.0.15 FOR - fixed a problem with /A:d
25.0.15 Help file updates
25.0.15 INKEY - Changed key parsing to recognize both Alt-0 - Alt-9 special keys and Alt-nnn chars

25.0.14 DIR - fixed a problem with displaying the target of a junction
25.0.14 Help file updates

25.0.12 TCMD - fixed a problem when cloning a tab window after starting a TCC secondary process

25.0.11 TCMD - fixed a bug when calling a folder dialog
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