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TYPE leaves the file open

I'm probably not supposed to TYPE a 4GB binary file, but I tried to do so, redirecting output to NUL, and found that the file was left open. I was trying to get Windows to cache the file.

d:\projects2022\crc32\x64\release> d 4g
2024-01-08  23:07   4,294,967,296  4g

d:\projects2022\crc32\x64\release> filelock 4g

d:\projects2022\crc32\x64\release> type 4g > nul
d:\projects2022\crc32\x64\release> filelock 4g
 8924  D:\tc31\tcc.exe
Is that also the case with cmd type?
No. I only tried once. And I figure CMD actually did it (judging by how much time it took, 66 sec). TCC fails the first time in 4 sec. and, on subsequent tries, immediately.
I wann't asking that it handle > 4Gb files, only suggesting that it didn't leave them locked when it fails.
It's the RTL doing that, not my code. I will have to rewrite a couple of the RTL functions, so probably 200-300 lines of code. Since nobody had noticed it for the last 30 years, it won't get a very high priority for an immediate fix.

You can request it in the Suggestions Forum.

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