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WAD File Explorer Not Reflecting Renamed Files

While I had the file explorer window open, I renamed some files from the command line. The new names did not appear in the explorer window, and I could not figure out a way to update the window to reflect the changes. As best I remember, this was not a problem in version 30.

Now I just noticed a detail with this. The files were renamed using a BTM file invoked with a START command. When I use the REN command from the command line, the new name is reflected in the explorer window.
It's OK here. I rename a file on the command line and right away, the name changes in a previously opened Explorer window. Ditto for creating (TOUCH /C, redirection) or deleting (DEL).
Here it works even with disabled "Notify Windows Shell on File or Directory Change" it seems ...

PS: regardless if it's direct from command line or with a BTM ...
PPS: but it works even with CMD ... so my system is probably configured somehow to recognize such changes anyway.
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Thanks, Rex. That option was not checked. It is now. And now the name is updated. And now I understand what that option is for!

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