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FSEARCH File Specification Fails

If I run the following command, it finds all the lines in the alias.cfg file in the current directory.

>fsearch /t"ffind" /l /u /v *.cfg
Matching lines: 6 Matching files: 1 Total files searched: 12

However, if I change the file specification to "a*.cfg", nothing is found.

>fsearch /t"ffind" /l /u /v a*.cfg
Matching lines: 0 Matching files: 0 Total files searched: 0

Here is another way to see the problem.

[TCMD32.10.20 | C:\tcmd]
>fsearch /t"ffind" /b *.cfg

[TCMD32.10.20 | C:\tcmd]
>fsearch /t"ffind" /b a*.cfg

[TCMD32.10.20 | C:\tcmd]
I see it too.

v:\> d f*.btm
2019-11-10  16:13             185  fact0s.btm
2024-04-04  22:25             263  firstcollision.btm
2024-04-07  13:13           1,140  fixdumpbin.btm
2024-02-05  14:40             590  fixeverything.btm

v:\> fsearch /t"set" /u /v f*.btm

Matching lines: 0        Matching files: 0        Total files searched: 0
The help is unclear about the "filename" spec - it was intended to be a list of one or more extensions to search for, not a partial filename.

However, when looking over the code today I realized that it could be modified with a modest effort to support that as well. This will be in the next build.
Thank you. I think that my aliases that currently use FFIND can be switched to use FSEARCH.

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