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TCC Internet Commands and File Access

TCC allows direct access to remote servers from internal commands such as COPY, DEL, DIR, MOVE, MD, RD, REN, and SELECT via several protocols:

FTP (basic FTP)
TFTP (Trivial FTP)
HTTP (basic Web access)

Not all protocols are supported in every internal command. For example, DIR will not work with with wildcards on HTTP or HTTPS (because of limitations in the HTTP / HTTPS protocol).
If you type an Internet URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which begins with http: or https: at the prompt, TCC will pass the URL to Windows. Normally Windows will start your web browser, and request that the browser retrieve the page pointed to by the URL. This feature will only work if Windows can find the proper association between the http: or https: prefix and the browser software. While this association is standard for most browser installations, it may not be present on all systems. 
The ability to "start" URLs in this way is restricted to those beginning with http: or https:. Other standard prefixes such as ftp:, mail:, and news: cannot be started directly from the prompt; you must enter these URLs directly into your browser.

HTTP and HTTPS addresses in Take Command and TCC will have any embedded spaces converted to "%20" before sending the URL to the server.

TCC also supports sending mail (text and HTML) via SMTP, posting to web forms, JABBER, and a host of internet internal variables and variable functions.