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Creating Take Command Hotkey Shortcuts

Are you a keyboard person? Many Take Command users prefer keystrokes over mouse clicks for frequently-used operations. Take Command allows you to define shortcut keys for any menu entry in the Take Command menu bar. To create a hotkey, select View / Toolbars and Menus / Customize... and open the Keyboard tab. Pick the desired menu in the Category drop-down menu, then highlight your desired menu entry in the Commands box. Click once in the box labeled “Press new shortcut key:”, then press the key combination you want to assign to that menu entry. Click on the Assign button, then close the Customize dialog.

Be aware that such hotkey assignments override any other use of the key in Take Command, including editing and keystroke macros. Choose your hotkeys carefully.

For example, you might want to use a single keystroke to hide or reveal the Folders and List View panes. Alt-Enter might be a good choice for this, since it isn't used for anything else. Select View / Toolbars and Menus / Customize..., then choose Keyboard. In the Category menu, select View. In the Commands box, highlight Folder and List Views. Click in the“Press new shortcut key:” field, and then type Alt-Enter. Press the Assign button to assign Alt-Enter to this function, then close the dialog. Now you can press Alt-Enter at any time to hide or restore the Folders and List View panes.

You can define a hotkey to trigger any item in Take Command's main menu.

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