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Startup Programs in Take Command Tabs

On the “Tabs” tab of the Take Command configuration dialog are options specifying which programs will run in new tabs. The tabbed interface at the bottom of this page allows you to configure as many as 25 programs which will automatically be opened in separate tabs each time Take Command starts. Most often these will be command shells such as TCC, CMD.EXE, Powershellk or bash; however, other console programs can be specified as well. Perhaps you would like to automatically launch your text editor or telnet in a tab when Take Command starts up.

The Command field for each startup tab allows you to specify not only a program name, but also command-line arguments for that program. You could define several startup tabs which all run TCC, but start each one in a different directory and give each a different prompt and colors. Note that Take Command does not expand variables in the Command and Directory fields; if you want to use environment variables to specify the startup directory, use a CDD or CD /D command in the Command field, and TCC (or CMD.EXE) will expand any variables.

Also on the “Tabs” tab is the COMSPEC field. This option sets the program started when a new tab is opened via File / New Tab, Tabs / New Tab, or by double-clicking in the tab bar. It is also used for the tab created when Take Command starts if no startup tabs are specified. If this field is empty, TCC.EXE is assumed.

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