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Take Command Tabbed Console Windows

The Windows "Command Prompt" shortcut is a Windows console (command line, or character mode) session that runs the default command processor CMD (also called the "Windows command shell"). The command prompt is essential for developers, systems administrators and advanced users. Unfortunately, CMD commands and the Windows console UI have always been woefully lacking in ability compared to what is available in most other operating systems. Because of the limitations in the Windows command prompt, users have been forced to use the GUI for inappropriate tasks, or even to write custom programs to perform simple tasks that CMD should have been able to handle.

Take Command is a comprehensive interactive GUI and command line environment that makes using the Windows command prompt and writing batch files easy, faster and far more powerful. Take Command combines the best features of the GUI and character-mode interfaces. You can have multiple console applications open in tabbed windows, with optional Windows Explorer integration for those times when you need a visual look at your files and directories.

The Tab Windows run TCC (the Take Command Console), or any other Windows console application (including CMD, PowerShell, or bash). You can use the scroll bars or the Alt cursor keys to view text that has scrolled through the window. You can also save the contents of a tab window and scrollback buffer to a file, copy text from a tab Window to the clipboard, and copy text from the clipboard or from the tab window scrollback buffer to the command line.