Creating Windows Batch Files and Debugging CMD Batch File Commands

Stop struggling with your Windows CMD batch files!

Take Command is a comprehensive interactive command line and Windows batch scripting toolkit that makes your Windows command prompt easier to use and far more powerful. Take Command includes tabbed console windows, File Explorer-style integration, hundreds of major enhancements to standard CMD commands such as COPY, DEL, and DIR, 235 internal commands, improved command line editing (including a wide variety of cut and paste options), and thousands of other features you won'f find in any other Windows command processor.

Take Command is also a powerful solution for creating Windows batch files, featuring compatibility with CMD batch file commands, while offering advanced extensions such as an integrated IDE including an editor and batch debugger, DO loops, SWITCH statements, subroutines, error and exception handling, monitoring and internet commands, and over 640 internal variables and functions.


Take Command Batch File Editing and Debugging Introductory Video
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