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Take Command / TCC / CMDebug / TCC-RT v24 Released

We released Take Command, TCC, TCC-RT, and CMDebug 24.0 today. You can download a fully functional evaluation version from our web site.

We will be sending v24 keys in the next couple of days to everyone with an Extended Support agreement, or who ordered v23 within the past 90 days.

Take Command 24.0 – What’s New?

For version 24, we spent hundreds of hours (and thousands of tweaks) improving the user interface. For example:

  • We have more than tripled the number of command dialogs. Almost all of the non-trivial (i.e., not ECHO) internal TCC commands now have dialogs, and all of the existing dialogs have been enhanced with additional options.
  • TCC has a Keyboard dialog that allows you to display and define the keystrokes for every TCC editing command (more than 100 in all).
  • The Tab windows have an optional margin on the sides & the top/bottom to make it a little easier to read & select text.
  • Take Command has a number of screen drawing improvements for high resolution displays, DPI scaling, and antialiased fonts.
  • The Take Command, IDE, and TCEDIT windows will “snap” to the screen edges when they are dragged near an edge.
  • You can customize the text selection colors — no more defaulting to the inverse colors.
  • The dark themes are fully dark, including margins and the status bar.

We’ve also further optimized Take Command’s display output. Take Command was already the fastest Windows console replacement; now it is another 10-20% faster.

Version 24 also includes a new editor, which uses the same editing engine as IDE. TCEDIT is a tabbed editor for editing all kinds of text files, including INI files and various scripting languages
(with syntax coloring). TCEDIT also supports reading from the clipboard (CLIP:), FTP, FTPS, HTTP, and HTTPS sites.

And much more – see What’s New in Version 24 in the help for details.