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How to? Create a date range based upon creation date

Date ranges are a wonderful feature of TCC. I love being able to run "dir /[d]" to see all of the files modified today.
However, in many cases I'm interested in selecting files based upon the creation date, rather than the modified date. TCC supports use of the creation date in sorting dir listings (e.g. "dir /T:c /O:t").
I haven't figured out, however, how to instruct TCC to use the creation date with date ranges. Is this possible?
Thanks, Rex.
Indeed, it's right there in the docs, as you note. I should have seen that myself. (I didn't see any such option in the /= dialog, and I didn't see anything on the "Range" doc page, and that's when I posted, but I should have first checked the "Date Ranges" doc page).


See "Date Ranges", subtopic "Date types and selection" in the help.

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