Why did Windows create an encryption key?

May 31, 2008
I'm not sure if what happened is linked to TCC or not, please help me understand.
copy ftp://mgppublic:public@mgpsoft.com/wcmenu.zip /G
I was using the above to bring in wcmenu.zip from a remote system, which resulted in an 'invalid password' error (which isn't the issue). The first time my firewall prompted me to enable TCC as an ftp client, and I did. I repeated the copy command three or four times and it always failed with 'invalid password'. Then (this is the issue) Windows Security Center displayed a message saying that I should save file encryption credentials.
What file encryption credentials? How did they get created? What file was encrypted? Where is it? I never used file encryption on this Windows 7 system, I don't even know how to turn it on/off.
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