Echo unicode characters from UTF-8 Batch files?

Sep 29, 2014
I would like to use Unicode characters in a batch file with an ECHO command, but no matter how I choose the UnicodeOutput or UTF8 settings, I only can achieve this if the batch file is in UTF-16 (Little Endian) encoding (and perhaps not without the Byte Order Mark?), but I would like to my batch file to be in UTF-8 encoding.

While I was looking for an answer to this issue of my, I came across this post, which suggest using Iconv tool for converting the output file, and while I already have this tool on my machine, upon reading in the version history something about that TCC have "better" UTF-8 (might misunderstood something), I'm seeking a way to do this solely in TCC. Is it possible to control how a Batch file is interpreted? I would expect the Bite Order Mark would guide TCC which Unicode format to use.

I also just conducted some experiment with CHCP and the windows console, and I have absolutely no clue how things working. It is definitely doesn't work, if the terminal font's is a TrueType font, and it only works on future output, when it is a raster font. Knowing at some degree CHCP original purpose, I really shouldn't expect a coherent result though.
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