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How to? Filter history list with unicode chars

The history filter dialog in TCC is very useful (one can press PgUp at the command line to view the history, and then type into the filter box to quickly narrow down the history). However, this only seems to work for regular ASCII characters. When I switch to another language and start typing, the filter displays accented high ASCII characters, rather than the language I am typing, and the filter does not work.

For instance: I can launch a JPG file with a Hebrew filename on the TCC command line like this:


And within the command line I can recall that line by typing the first word (הכותל) and pressing up-arrow.

However, if I launch the history dialog (with PgUp), and I then attempt to type the same word (הכותל) into the filter box, the Hebrew is displayed as gibberish, and the relevant line is not filtered in.

Is there any way to use unicode text in the filter box?

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