Declined Enhance OPTION command functionality

Aug 23, 2010
I'd like to have some additional functionality in OPTION command.

  1. A way to list all options changeable with "//name=value" switch as name=value pairs.
  2. A way to list of all changeable keys, without values.
  3. A way to list of all options, including advanced options and appropriate section header, in a format suitable for saving as .ini file.

Additionally, if program maintain such information internally, it would be useful for diagnostic purposes to have access to

  1. Default options' values.
  2. List of only changed options.

The interface could look like this:

OPTION /L[:N] - list changeable options (:N - only names).
OPTION /L /INI - list all options in an .INI file format.
OPTION /N - list only changed options with their values.
OPTION /D [ <OptName> ] - show default value(s) instead of current one.
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