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Done TCEDIT: Command-line option to print files

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
tcedit /p file file....
Print the specified documents to the default printer, then exit.
What would that do for you that the PRINT command doesn't already handle?
PRINT uses the file's extension to find the command to print a file, right?

I actually have a Print verb set for .BTM files. (Do you?) But it doesn't use TCEDIT, because TCEDIT doesn't have a command line option to print files... yet. My Print verb for .BTM files uses Notepad, which works, but doesn't do fancy stuff like syntax highlighting. Which TCEDIT does, even when printing....

And of course, if you add a command-line option to TCEDIT to print files, then the next step in my insidious scheme is to nag you to create some shell verbs in the installer. Not just Print (TCEDIT) but also Debug (IDE) and Run as Administrator.

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