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Declined Suggestion: VIEW option to open VIEW over tab window but not keep it there

The /w option to VIEW is interesting. It is probably useful that when you use it from a Take Command tab and switch tabs, VIEW hides.

But, when I change the focus to a different app by moving the mouse, the VIEW window also hides. (This may be because I have focus-follows-mouse set. If I move the focus via Alt-Tab, then the VIEW window does not always hide.)

I would like an option that opens VIEW over the tab window, but doesn't try to keep it there.

I'm using TCC 26.00.24 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18363.752]
If you don't want it to stay in the tab window, you can detach it (by right clicking on the tab).
Yes, but that is an extra click. I usually have my windows arranged so I can see the Take Command window. If I want to look at something quickly, it is handy to run LIST. If I am going to be moving windows around, I can just start my text editor on the file. (Not that I care, but when I detach the VIEW /W tab, it goes blank [and it moves].)

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