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Declined Enhance file name completion

When there are special characters in a file name (in fact, always) file name completion should complete (and quote) file names is such a way that ...

1. If the completed file name is the first token in a command line, then TCC will sucessfully "run" the file.

2. If the completed file name will be passed to an external command (exe) as an argument then that program, if it does nothing to that parameter, will be able to successfully use it in a Win32 API function (e.g., CreateFile/OPEN_EXISTING).
Both 1 & 2 will introduce major (i.e., catastrophic) incompatibilities with CMD.

I don't see how you can expect #2 to work with external apps unless they're only expecting a single argument.
I don't know about your second comment.

As for the first comment, let's narrow it down. If a BATFILE's name contains % symbols, CMD can complete and execute it; TCC can't.
And if a file's name contains %s, CMD can correctly send the tab-completed name to notepad (winword, textpad, ...); TCC can't.

How about making the "double % in filenames" option double them ALWAYS.
How about making the "double % in filenames" option double them ALWAYS.
I agree. Unless perhaps SETDOS /X+3 is active, I can't fathom why you would not want to double percent signs in completed filenames.

(And yes, percent is a deeply stupid character to use in filenames. But that doesn't stop e.g. web browsers from doing it.)
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